*COMING SOON* Online Classes 2019

Coming soon......Our HD Academy *ONLINE*  classes are designed for anyone who is a qualified nail technician. With everyones lives so busy, many having commitments to their families....we all struggle to take time out and go attend a class. Online classes are perfect as you can complete them in the comfort of your own home and at a time to suit you.
Most of our online classes will be art and some skill based classes for already qualified techs. We do not currently offer any type of beginner acrylic or gel classes as we believe to be the best and really understand and master the core systems, a class based course is best. Class based courses means your educator will be able to watch you work and give you the practical hands on help you'll need.
Our online classes are delivered via our Private Facebook Groups. Due to the nature of online classes any and all payments are strictly non-refundable and/or non-transferable as access to the video and class content will have already been given, please email us first before booking if you have any questions.
Please also ensure upon booking any online class that we have your full facebook profile name to prevent any possible delays, so that we can add you as a friend, once you have accepted our friend request we will add you to the group with 24-48hrs (usually sooner)
Most of our online classes are taught by Hazel Dixon
Any class worksheets relevant to your online class will be available in the group for you to download.
Ongoing support and help is offered throughout the online class within the group.
We have a small selection of online classes but we are continuously adding to them. If you have any requests for something you'd like to see please email us at hdnailartistacademy@yahoo.com

Our HD Online classes are perfect for anyone who cant travel, has time restraints or just wants time to complete their class but would still love to learn amazing new techniques. You can watch your online class as often as you like and you can get help, feedback and ask advice in the group. You will have 3 options for purchase of your class, the cost will vary depending on the content:





A kit list will be given in the group for the online class you have purchased. You can also purchase kits from our sister website



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