Corey Stockwell

Educator in Northampton.

Corey Stockwell

Hello my name is Corey Jade Stockwell and I love my choosen career path. Everyday meeting a new client or student , different conversations, new designs and colours, how could you not love a career in the nail industry ? After leaving beauty college withl all my qualifications I wasn’t really sure what to do, then nails found me really. I had always been very artistic and loved trying out new techniques and I started taking myself on many courses. My salon NAIL TECHNIQUES was born in 1993 I was only 21 years old and with the help of a supportive family I work really hard to make a success of this. Within my first year I had employed 4 girls and was busy training my own staff up to a very high standard. Back then we didn’t have the choice or products you nail techs have now , but I was pushing the boundaries and experimenting on my clients daily. I still run my very own nail salon in Northampton and have clients that travel from far and wide to visit me. I like to think that NAIL TECHNIQUES is always innovative, offering high standards of client care.

I have worked for many nail companies over the years including Ezflow, kinetics, crystal nails, and I have been known to enter the odd competition and have been placed 3rd in 2009 Beauty UK photographic and 3rd in  2014 Top Tech photographic Art UK.

My son is now 15 years old and its time for me to join the FANTASTIC HD TEAM and spread the nail love !!! never underestimate training, education is the key to success and I want to pass on all my knowledge and skills to other nail techs around the UK and share the passion for my industry.


EZFLOW ACRYLIC NAIL APPLICATION                                              10/4/2006

EZFLOW DESIGN SCULTURED NAILS                                                14/3/2006

EZFLOW NATURAL NAIL CARE                                                           13/4/2006

EZFLOW FIBERGLASS NAIL APPLICATION                                        11/4/2006

EZFLOW MASTER ARTIST GEL NAIL PROGRAM                               13/3/2006

EZFLOW BELIEVE @ SUCCEED WITH TOM HOLCOMB                    17/10/01

KINETICS INSTRUCTOR ACRYLIC AND GEL                                         2009

CRYSTAL NAILS BASIC LEVEL EDUCATOR COURSE                             2013

CRYSTAL NAILS UNIQUE HANDPAINTING                                          24/11/13

CRYSTAL NAILS CRYSTALAC GEL POLISH                                            6/2014

CRYSTAL NAILS EFILE                                                                             2/2014

CRYSTAL NAILS GEL-LAC DESIGN                                                         6/2013

CRYSTAL NAILS PEDICURE                                                                     5/2013

CRYSTAL NAILS LIQUID AND POWDER                                                 3/2013

CRYSTAL NAILS MANICURE                                                                    5/2013

GEL AND AQUARELLE WITH BARBARA  MAGYAROSI                          31/8/2013

AQUALLE NAIL ART                                                                                    31/8/2013

CRYSTAL NAILS ONESTROKE                                                                    3/2/2013

HAZEL DIXON EXTREME SHAPES                                                               12/3/18

HAZEL DIXON 3D GEL & METALLIC DESIGN                                              14/3/2016

HAZEL DIXON GEL,FOIL & SAND DESIGN                                                    13/3/2016

BRITISH BEAUTY ACADEMY TREADING DEPLIATION                                 18/4/2016

ALEXA KISGYORI GEL PAINT LEVEL 1                                                            17/11/2016

ALEXA KISGYORI FLAT 3D & SILK NAIL ART                                                   9/4/2018