Erica Turley

Educator in Staffordshire.

Erica Turley


Prior to the world of nails, I was a registered nurse and health visitor for 15 years! Opting for a career break lead me to being able to have my nails done, I then started to do my own nails, and this is where my journey into the industry began. Wanting to know how to get the professional look I decided to enrol myself on a manicure course which led to many more courses later in 2016 and my education hasn’t stopped since.


Within two months of qualification, my love of writing resulted in my blogs published in Scratch Magazine, (to which I am now a guest blogger) which in turn led me to being inviting to hold seminars at both Professional Beauty North and London Excel. My nail work and myself has also been featured in Scratch Magazine on numerous occasions, and I've also filmed an advert!


After a year of qualification my diary was closed to new clients. My love for the industry expanded into the realm of education, I completed my AET qualification when I was asked to be an educator for a brand, which I worked with for a year until I joined the Hazel Dixon Academy.


I attended a photographic course in 2019 for an editorial imagine I created and its really given me the bug for pursuing this kind of work. 3D acrylic art is my main passion, and I would like to put my skills to the test at competition level.


I started training to become a nail technician in 2016, and I believe that in investing in good education and my passion has got me where I am today.


Hard Gel enhancements
Gel polish 
Acrylic enhancements
Extreme shapes
Acrylic 3d
Extreme 3D & Fantasy
Structure & shaping
AET Teaching Qual