Course Booking T's & C's

General Course Booking Terms & Conditions:

Please carefully read the following Terms and Conditions as they apply to each and every course booked with Hazel Dixon Nail Artist Academy & Akzentz UK Academy in all locations and with all educators throughout the UK. For additional terms & conditions/privacy policies, please see Quick Links at the footer of this website.

Anyone proceeding with a course booking accepts these Terms & Conditions and all other polices we have. If you are booking an ONLINE Class, please also read our ONLINE CLASS TERMS & CONDITIONS 


1.Hazel Dixon Nail Artist Academy/Akzentz Uk Academy and all related educators  cannot take any responsibility for any valuables or possessions that go missing or are lost/broken within the building while you are attending any of our courses. It is the responsibility of the student/model to ensure their possessions/valuables are kept safe at all times.

2.All the text, graphics, images, manuals, handouts, website, prospectus, and all other literature is the copyright of Hazel Dixon Nails Ltd/Hazel Dixon Nail Artist Academy/Akzentz Uk and the use of them are not permitted and is strictly prohibited without prior permission in writing from Hazel Dixon Nails Ltd/Hazel Dixon Nail Artist Academy/Akzentz Uk.

3.All manuals and handouts supplied by Hazel Dixon Nail Artist Academy must not be copied or used in any way, other than for your own personal use and MUST NOT be reproduced in any form.

4.A non refundable and non transferable booking fee is required at time of booking to confirm your place, this will vary depending on the type of course booked. This is non-refundable and non-transferable.This means that once the booking fee is paid for a course you will not be entitled to a refund or be able to transfer it to another course.

5.The balance of any course booked is due at least 14-28 days prior to the first date of your course direct to your academy/educator or as requested by Hazel Dixon Nail Artist Academy/Akzentz Uk Academy and all its related educators . If the full balance amount is not paid by this time then your place will then be cancelled and the booking fee amount is non-refundable and non-transferable. All balances once paid are also non-refundable and non-transferable.

6.Places on courses can only be guaranteed if full payment has been received.

7.All students/models must behave in an appropriate manner and not undertake any act that could bring dishonour to the company, as this could result in the candidate/student to be dismissed.

8.All students must be dressed appropriately for ALL courses and are required to wear smart clothing or a professional uniform. It is recommended that long hair be tied back off the face and no large earrings be worn.

9.All students, models and any one attending the courses must be over the age of 16 years.

10.All students are responsible for arranging their own clients / models/insurances needed to work on during the course. Although we can try to help we cannot guarantee to arrange for models. Please contact your educator/academy if you need any help.

11.For any course that requires the student to have previous experience then a copy of the necessary qualification/certificate will be required at time of booking. Please ensure you have sent a copy to us as this is needed to be able to attend the course.

12.Hazel Dixon Nails Ltd/Hazel Dixon Nail Artist Academy/Akzentz Uk Academy and all its related educators reserves the right to change the course contents, training dates/days and course requirements at any time without prior notice. The student will not be entitled to any refund should the above happen, but they may transfer to another date/day that is available.

13.Students should arrive 10 minutes prior to the commencement of the course time set out in the course confirmation. Students who cancel their course/class after the full balance has been paid and/or do not attend the course will lose 100% of the fees paid. In extreme circumstances Hazel Dixon Nail Artist Academy/Akzentz Uk Academy and all its related educators may allow students to change the course date however this is at the discretion of Hazel Dixon Nail Artist Academy management and a fee may apply. Any course changes will result in an additional £50 admin charge which must be paid by the student prior to a new date being booked.

14.All students need to practice between their courses and assessment days. If any homework and/or portfolio requirements are not met by the due that then a £50 fee will be payable to re-book their assessment day. All homework and portfolio requirements must be fully completed prior to the assessment day.

15.All students will need to have attended all days relating to the course, fully completed any homework and/or portfolios and successfully passed all written and practical exams in order to receive their certificate. If any student misses a day then this will need to be re booked at a time/day that suits both the student and educator, it is at the educators/academies discretion if the student needs to repay if more than six months has passed.

Some of our courses require you to do case studies and build a portfolio that is to be done in your owntime and submitted back to us on a date set by your educator. 

You have a set time to complete this, if this is not completed then this will result in you not fully completing your course and means we are unable to issue your certificate. If there are exceptional circumstances then please contact your educator to discuss this. 

PLEASE NOTE: All beginner, complete foundation, progression and conversion classes MUST be completed within 12 months of the 1st day of your course. If for any reason your course isn't completed by you then the full price of the course may need to be paid to enable you to continue with your course.

ALL elements of your course must be successfully and fully completed in order to obtain your certificate. There are strict guidelines we have to follow from our Accreditation Company, ABT.... all these must be met in order for you to successfully pass your course.

If your course requires a case study/portfolio you will receive our full support as always but it is up to you to arrange your models, complete all practice sets and submit this to us on time. Not submitting your portfolio on time will result in you being unable to sit your final practical and written exams resulting in a deferment fee of £50.00

16.Under no circumstances are children allowed in during the training sessions.

17. Hazel Dixon Nail Artist Academy has specifically noted that kits are not included in the course cost. Students are responsible for ensuring they purchase the correct kit/tools and products for the course they are booked on. Kits maybe purchased from Hazel Dixon Nails Ltd (our sister company) and all related educators if prior notice is given and these must be paid for in full at time of ordering, however we cannot guarantee availability on the day as it depends on in stock items. A list of products, tools and any other equipment is listed on the course information.

18.All legal ownership of any kits ordered does not pass from Hazel Dixon Nails Ltd/Hazel Dixon Nail Artist Academy/Akzentz Uk Academy and all related educators until payment has been received in full. All pre ordered kits must be paid in full at time of ordering and are strictly non refundable.

19.All goods ordered are not offered on a sale or return basis and all ordered products must be paid for in full at time of ordering.

20.Hazel Dixon Nail Artist Academy/Akzentz Uk Academy and all related educators will not tolerate Physical or verbal abuse to any members of staff or any other student/models at any time. If this happens it may result in you not being able to attend your course or any future courses.

21.Refreshments may be available for you to enjoy, where possible, during break times of your course. Please be aware, that if you suffer from allergies or have any special dietary requirements. Hazel Dixon Nail Artist Academy/Akzentz Uk Academy and all its  related educators have no control over the ingredients of the refreshments available and takes no responsibility for clients suffering any allergic reactions or special dietary specifications.

22.All students and their models must abide by the Terms and Conditions/Terms of Service/Policies of the company at all times. Any students that do not abide by the rules will not be accepted on to the course and will lose their course fee.

23.All models attending with students do so at their own risk and agrees to abide by all our terms and policies of Hazel Dixon Nail Artist Academy/Akzentz Uk Academy and all its related educators.

24.As part of our commitment to providing excellent customer service your opinions and feedback is valued and we welcome any of your comments and compliments you may have to help us make our training academies a better place for you and others

25.All student and client information is kept confidential.

26.We invite students who are not 100% confident after the course to come and join the next set of courses in the same subject. Please note this is only available within 3 months after the date of the course, after 3 months students shall need to repay.

27.Students understand that as part of the course, you may be asked to work on other students if necessary.

28.Students understand that to gain qualification they are to attend all course days and are to return for the assessment day and that students are responsible for practicing between training and assessment days and completing the set homework. Students are required to provide their own training stock whilst at home and throughout their course. Students who do not return for the assessment date provided will be required to pay an additional £50 admin fee to re-book the assessment day plus any additional costs relating to the re-booking of the day.

29. All course booking fees and/or course balances are strictly non-refundable/non-transferable once paid.

30. Any and all course fees or costs that are paid, whether in part or in full are strictly non-refundable or non-transferable. ​ If there are any questions regarding our terms and conditions please contact us before booking.

31. During some courses you may be required to work on each other so you may need to be a model at some point for another student. 

If you are needed as a model for another student you will need to sign our model disclaimer form. Your models that attend the course for you 
will also need to agree and sign the disclaimer form. You are responsible for your own 
models throughout the course. If for any reason you do not have a model please contact us and we will do our best to help but cannot guarantee we can arrange a model for you. In the case you cannot get a model that is needed to do your course and this results in you not completing you course, you may need to pay an additional £30 fee to re attend the day you missed.

32. All models must sign the model disclaimer form. 

33. In the unlikely event we have to cancel your course due to circumstances beyond our control, you will be offered the next available date for the course you had booked. We do have a minimum of 2 students needed to run a course, if this isn't met we will offer you the next available date.

34. Under no circumstances do we allow any video or voice recording during any of the training sessions. This is due to strict GDPR regulations.

Complaints Procedure:

1. Initial complaint please go direct to your educator. If this is not successful please contact....

2. Hazel Dixon...... by email at or in writing to

Hazel Dixon

4 Faraday Place, Thetford, Norfolk, IP24 3RG


3. A record of the complaint will be made and a copy sent out to you within 5 working days. Please ensure you provide us with a contact address for this.

4.Any complaint must be made within 7 days of the date of it occurring. 

5. We aim to investigate all complaints within 30 working days.