HD Salon Pro - Masters Programme


This is Stage 2 of the Nail Technical pathway that forms part of our Ultimate Nail Master Pro Education Programme.

There are 4 classes in this stage that must be successfully completed to receive your HD SALON PRO certification. 

These 4 courses will give you an introduction to the core basic technical skills for enhancements needed along with the knowledge & understanding. This will give you a good foundation on which to build your enhancement skills on.  The beginners or foundation course must be completed first before any of the other classes in this Stage. This stage should be completed before moving on to Stage 3 of the Nail Technical  programme.

Please note that some classes will require a pre-requisite to be able to attend, see each individual course listing for what is required.

To register your interest in this programme please download the form below and email it back to hazeldixonnails@yahoo.co.uk


1) Acrylic Enhancements Course* 

2) Hard Gel Enhancements Course*

3) Salon Shapes & Speed Class

4) E-file Class

 * One of these must be a beginners course, the other will be a progression course depending on which one you choose to complete first.