HD Ultimate Nail Masters Education Programme

**New for 2021**

Launching 2021- Date dependant on re-opening

Please email us at hdnailartistacademy@yahoo.com for more info or to register your interest. 

This ultimate nail masters programme has been created and designed through the feedback from students who wanted a clear pathway on how to get to a "masters" level. As Nail technicians and educators we never stop learning as there is always something new and exciting for us. We have a huge array of 1 day classes and courses for complete beginners through to the most advanced techniques and these can all be taken at your leisure whenever you want to and choose the pathway that best suits you. This masters programme is for those who have a clear goal and know what they want to achieve and we believe that this programme will achieve the results you're looking for as a "master".

You asked and we delivered !

This programme has been broken down into several different levels making it easier for you to set your mini goals and have the right courses available in an easy to follow format and that deliver on the skills and techniques needed to help push you to be the best master nail technician you can be.

There are both technical pathways and artistic pathways for you to choose from or you can complete both to achieve the Ultimate Master Pro level.

*Each class you take as part of this programme will be assessed and when you have successfully completed each level you will receive* ....

An awesome certificate

Discount code valid for 1 year on www.hazeldixonnails.com

On going support and guidance 

A logo which you can use on all your promotional materials and photos

Further opportunities within the HD brand

* Please see the drop down menu for more information on each level