Akzentz UK Educators

Our Akzentz UK Ace Educators 
We are passionate & dedicated to bringing you the very best in Nail Education. All our courses have been designed to give you everything you need to know with an emphasis on skill based training to ensure that when you have finished you have the confidence to use your new skills on your clients.
We are now also offering Akzentz Professional Gel specific courses too, for those who love the brand and want a more in depth knowledge & understanding about how to use the range to its full potential.
We will continue with all our Independent courses as we always have but adding Akzentz courses will give you more choice and we have some amazing courses just for UK techs....
Wether you are looking to start a new career as a Nail technician, looking to advance your skills or want to learn new techniques that will take your nails to another level, we can help you achieve that and much more. 
We offer all types of courses from manicure & pedicure, acrylic extensions, gel polish right through to advanced techniques like, sculpting, extreme nail shapes, one stroke nail art, aquarelle nail art and more under our HD Academy but Akzentz is dedicated to gel specific courses.
All our HD Educators & Akzentz Ace educators have many years experience and many are multiple award winners, competition judges and have their PTTLS Teaching Qualifications as well as intense Akzentz specific training, so you can be assured you're getting the highest standard of education. 
The nail industry is continuously moving forward with advancements in new products and techniques. We strive to keep up with these to always ensure that our students have the courses available to them to so they can keep up to date with the latest trends.
Our Team of Ace Educators in the UK
   Hazel Dixon: East Anglia
Fereida Lydiate: Manchester       
Karen Newman: Scotland    
    Kayley Cairns: Essex 
Catriona Leith: Cambridge
Kym Moody: Norfolk & Hertfordshire 
Contact Details
Hazel Dixon: hdnailartistacademy@yahoo.com
Fereida Lydiate: fereidanails@yahoo.co.uk
Karen Newman: karennewmannailsandtraining@gmail.com
Kayley Cairns: nailykayley@gmail.com
Catriona Leith: treens2405@gmail.com
Kym Moody: kym.moody@googlemail.com