HD Nail TV - Monthly Education Series

What is HD Nail Tv?
Hazel Dixon Nail Tutorial Videos
The industry is so fast paced now and with the issues we face right now i knew i had to do something to get the correct & fact based info out there as well as helping as many techs as possible with updating their skills & learning new techniques.
Also as much as i love social media and the internet theres is also a lot of false & untrue information that is posted, i want to do my bit to help the industry move forward. With the pandemic changing everyones lives and the current economic situation so many struggle to travel to classes and the costs involved with this so i felt the time was right to launch this now after years of “thinking about it”.
I am a big believer that beginners always learn best in a hands on environment with their educator by their side watching & helping them but for existing techs this new HD Nail Tv series means they can watch & learn around their busy schedules, they can dip in and out when they choose, constantly learning and keeping up with the latest trends and techniques across all the systems.
It so easy over the years of being a nail tech to forget about CPD but its super important and something i believe we should all do. There is always something new to learn and i am super excited to be able to help techs that may normally not have been able to learn from me.
Features of HD Nail TV! ?
HD NAIL TV !  ( Hazel Dixon Nail Tutorial Videos) 
Only £29.99 a month 
It's a brand new, one of a kind monthly online subscription based educational series. Every month a new series will launch based on a system, style or technique.
It is perfect for existing techs wanting to refresh, add to their knowledge & skills. Each monthly series will have a min of 8 episodes covering specifics relating to that months topic and will cover things like chemistry, health & safety, application techniques, business advice, pricing, latest trends & industry news, lots of nail art tutorials, product releases and as a special feature every month LET’S TALK NAILS !!!!!! will see a myself and a industry icon chat all about their career, what they’re doing and general nail chit chat about what’s happening in the industry right now. 
It is jam packed full of all my knowledge, hints, tips & tricks that I've learnt throughout my career as a nail tech, educator & brand owner.
Im super excited about this and as the episodes grow the content will get more in depth and cover shapes, comps, fantasy and so much more 
Subscribers will gain access to that months series they have purchased and will always have this content to refer back to whilst an active subscriber. If anyone signs up after August 2022 and would like access to previous months’ content they can email me direct at hazeldixonnails@yahoo.co.uk 
Link to subscribe - https://www.hdnailacademyonline.com/bundles/hd-nail-tv
Heres a list of episodes included in August’s 2022 Series
Series 1
1) LETS TALK NAILS !!! WITH Calvin Madison Jones - a U.S based tech famous for his press-ons for Ru paul’s drag show 
2) Full cover gel tips - how to correctly choose length
3) Application of full cover gel tips
4) Press on’s - how to size, make them & what to put in your client’s kit etc
5)Giraffe animal print nail art tutorial
6) Pricing & costs 
7) Full cover gel TOE tips & application 
8) Abstract nail art tutorial
9) Chrome & sugared rainbow nail art tutorial
10) Rainbow ombre & chrome swirls 
11)Exclusive product launch