Fereida Lydiate

Head Educator in Swinton, Manchester.

Fereida Lydiate 
Fereida Lydiate is a multi award winning nail technician is qualified in NVQ level 3 nail services and holds a BTEC level 3 PTTLS qualification. She is also an educator and nail competition judge. Fereida has over 17 years experience in the industry and has a great passion for the nail industry, including teaching and mentoring students in all aspects of nail care and advanced nail skills. Fereida particularly specialises in Acrylic pink and white application.


NVQ level 1 & 2 beauty therapy   (July 1996)
NVQ level 1-2 & 3 hairdressing   (July 1996)
Creative nail academy conversion course   (may 2000)
Creative nail academy creative illusions course   (July 200)
Creative academy Balancing act course   (July 2000)
NVQ level 3 Nail techniques   (Nov 2000)  
Creative nail academy lets get real class   (March 2001)
Creative nail academy nail makeover magic class   (July 2001)
Creative nail academy certified nail tech   (Jan 2002)
Creative nail academy master technician course   (march 2002)  
Nailtiques specialist manicure course   (Oct 2002)
Creative nail academy Foot beauty course   (Feb 2005)
St Tropez ultimate air tanning course   (April 2005)
Creative nail academy skill building course   (Nov 2005)
Nsi conversion class   (July 2008)
Professional beauty nail master class   (Oct 2009)
Nsi advanced nail art class   (Oct 2009)
Advanced art workshop kirsty meakin   (Nov 2010)
Kirsty meakin competition training   (Feb 2010)
Nubar advanced skills workshop   (Nov 2010)
Gemma lambert competition training   (Dec 2010)
Educator for Nail gaga   (May 2011)
Crystal nails one stroke nail art   (June 2011)
Btec level 3 PTTLS   (July 2011)
Denise wright competition training   (Aug 2011)
Vivcat designer nail art class   (Sept 2011)
Ilona musik acrylic skills & shapes course   (may 2012)
Ilona musik watercolour painting course   (may 2012)
Ilona musik intermediate colour acrylic course   (may 2012)
Denise wright nail masters competition training   (august 2012)
Crystal nails stiletto, almond and marylin shapes class   (Sept 2013)
Crystal nails Gaby Kovacs competition nail training   (Sept 2013)
crystal nails silk 3d acrylic design class   (Nov 2013)
Emese Koppanyi competition training   (Nov 2013)
Wrote and accredited acrylic beginners/manicure manuals (Nov 2103)
Crystal nails pink dreams nail art course   (June 2014)
Crystal nails sweet light nail art course   (June 2014)
Crystal nails 4D effect acrylic design course   (June 2014)
Pauline Feinauer acrylic design training   (July 2014)
Pauline Feinauer painting nail art training   (July 2014)
Pauline Feinauer  perfection training   (July 2015)
Became educator for Hazel Dixon Nail Academy   (Jan 2016)


Beauty UK Newcomers competition (march 2012)
1st place Top tech competition nails
London international Nail competition (Feb 2011)
1st place Pink & white comp nails
Scottish beauty nail competition   (April 2011)
1st place pink & white competition nails
1st place salon nail
North nail championships   (Oct 2011)
1st place pink & white competition nails
1st place salon nails
London international nail competition   (Feb 2012)
1st place pink & white competition nails
1st place salon nails
Scottish beauty nail competition   (march 2012)
1st place pink & white competition nails
2nd place salon nail
Beauty UK Nail competition (May 2012)
1st place pink & white competition nails
1st place salon nails
North nail championships   (Oct 2012)
1st place nail masters
Nail competition judge London  (Feb 2013)
Nail competition judge  Scotland   (April 2013)
Nail Competition judge Beauty UK   (May 2013)
Nail competition judge Manchester   (Sept 2013)
Nailympics international competition   (Oct 2013)
7th place pink and white sculpt
7th place pink & white tip
12th place stiletto nail art
Nail competition judge London  (Feb 2014)
Nail competition judge  Scotland   (April 2014)
Nail Competition judge Beauty UK   (May 2014)
Nsi UK published step by steps for nail magazine
Nail competition judge  Scotland   (April 2015)
Nail Competition judge Beauty UK   (May 2015)
Nail competition judge Manchester   (Sept 2015)
Nailympics international competition   (Oct 2015)
7th place pink & white tip
8th place pink & white sculpt
8th place stiletto art
7th place salon nails
Scratch stars finalist 2016