HD Ultimate Masters FAQ's


Additional Information & FAQ's

We understand that some students & techs may have previously completed some of the courses required for this programme but criteria & course content changes regularly to keep up with our high industry standards. If you feel confident that you have the skills & training required already for a particular class/course please state this on your registration form. We will then be able to arrange an assessment day/s for you and you will be asked to complete the necessary case studies/portfolio relevant to those classes. The fee for these assessment days are £150 and will usually run from 10am-4pm.
We pride ourselves on offering our students ongoing support not only throughout their course but afterwards too. We have multiple support groups and pages across social media as well as email contact that is checked daily. We want you to be the very best and were here to guide and support throughout.
All details for the various ways you can contact us and get continuous support will be given on your class.
In addition to this we introduced the online student portal in summer 2020 and we have had great feedback from students that have found all the additional resources invaluable to their ongoing learning.
Each stage of this programme that is booked must be completed within 12 months from the date of the first class. This is due to the ever changing and fast paced industry we are in, new techniques and products are being developed continuously and we want to ensure your up to date with them all.
Some of the courses for this programme require our online theory to be successfully completed first before any practical days. This theory is detailed and in depth to give you all the basic knowledge & understanding needed for a great foundation. During your classes you will also get lots of additional information on safe techniques and the chemistry behind the products.
In addition to this for many of the core technical classes and some art classes will require a portfolio of work you’ve created. This forms an integral part of your ongoing development and these are done outside of your practical days. The hours needed for each portfolio will differ depending on the course. If you have any questions about this please email us.
Q; I have previously completed some of the classes listed, do I have to re-do the class again?
A: Standards, criteria, assessments and requirements for each class/course change regularly so it is important that your training is up to date. If you feel that you have the skills & training required already for a particular class/course please state this on the registration form. An assessment day and all case studies related to that particular class can be arranged for you instead of having to retake the whole class – this can be discussed with your educator prior to booking. There is a fee for assessment days.
Q: Do I have to complete every stage in each pathway?
A: No, you can choose just 1 stage and complete the classes within it. We highly recommend though that each stage is completed before moving on to the next one, ie: stage 1 first then stage 2 etc
Again if you feel you are highly experienced but would like to still complete our master’s programme, please use the registration form and state your previous qualifications as arrangements can be made for assessments.
Q: How long does each stage take to complete?
A: This does depend on the individual and how much time they can dedicate to each class. Generally speaking most students will complete each stage within 6-12 months.
Q: Is there a time limit to complete each stage?
A: Yes, as standards & criteria change in a fast paced industry each stage must be completed within 12 months max. If it is not and you require an extension then an extra fee will be payable to your educator.
Q: Can this programme be completed online?
A: No, all classes need to be taken in-house, we believe there is no substitute to having an educator with you in class while your working to ensure the very best results for you.
Q: How will I know what products to bring?
A: A kit list will be sent out via email that details the products you’ll need to bring with you.
Q: If I book classes and then cancel, can I get a refund or transfer?
A: Due to the nature of this programme and how it works, we cannot offer refunds or transfers to other courses/dates. Please ensure you can attend & commit to the dates given when booking to avoid any disappointment.
If you have any more questions please contact us before booking at hazeldixonnails@yahoo.co.uk
Team HD X