Covid-19 Policy & Procedures



Your health, safety and wellbeing is of upmost importance to us so we have implemented the following to help minimise any risks to you and us during your visit to our training academies. Guidance is changing quickly and we will update this page inline with Government guidance as quickly as possible to ensure all the latest information is here for you

Prior to your course you will be emailed the following Questionnaire which is designed to ensure that no one attends a class/course should they be unwell or show any signs/symptoms.

This will need to filled in and returned to us if possible by email or bought with you when you arrive for your appointment. PLEASE if you answer yes to any of the questions, do not attend your class – We will rearrange for another time when you are better.

This questionnaire will need to be filled in before every class.

The questionnaire will be kept and held on file in line with our GDPR policy.

For all students booked on our core courses, including Beginners, Progression, Complete Foundation and Conversion courses all Theory is now completed Online via our new online learning platform. Access to this will be given via email 2-4 weeks prior to your first practical day. The new online platform has been an invaluable tool to all our beginner students meaning you can complete all your theory assignments in the comfort of your home risk free and at your own pace. There are video lessons, templates and tools available for you to learn alongside your manuals plus you will have access to all our educators via our student support group throughout your course and afterwards. 

Upon arrival to the training school:

Please do not arrive early as we can not have a waiting area, please remain in your car or outside following all social distancing rules until your educator is ready for you.

Currently you must come alone to your class/course (unless there’s a medical reason, please contact us in advance to make arrangements) no friends, family, children, pets, models etc will be allowed in with you. This is to minimize any unnecessary risks to you and our other workers. You will need to come with no product on your nails, if you cannot work on yourself please bring a practice hand. For art classes you will be able to work on tips. *Models may be allowed for assessment days if current guidelines allow, these must be from your "bubble". We will contact you by email before your assessment day should models be allowed.

Students are asked to wait outside as your educator will ask each of you in one by one to ensure we are following social distancing rules and all necessary paperwork is completed upon arrival.

Please come with a mask and visor/safety goggles inline with current government guidelines, we will unfortunately not be able to run any classes unless all students wear a mask. If you need a mask, we will have them available for purchase. Please also be assured your educator will also be wearing a mask and all current PPE as required by government guidelines throughout your class and following strict hygiene rules.

Please also bring all necessary PPE with you for your own use, mask, gloves, dust collector (if needed) Some of our academies have dust extraction available for use during your class but please ask your educator in advance if you need to borrow one.

Kit: Please only bring necessary products/materials with you, at present your educator cannot share any of their products with you due to our strict hygiene rules. You will have received a kit list, listing everything you need to bring. If you do not have any of the items, please order in advance from our partner website, only our head office training school has an onsite shop where you can purchase product on the day.

We are currently limiting the amount of students in our classes so we can practice social distancing, each desk/station will be 2 metres apart.

Please only bring necessary items into the building (please leave if possible coats/large handbags/shopping etc at home)

We will not be able to offer any refreshments like tea/coffee/squash etc during your visit; you may however bring a bottled water or takeaway/disposable drink with you if needed and any lunch you may need.

Once you enter the building there is a “Sani” station to your left.  At the “Sani” station you will find hand gel/spray, please use this before entering any other part of the building. At the sani station you will see plastic boxes for personal items should you need to use it, disinfectant wipes/spray and paper towel along with a BIN for all used items/materials.

Please place any items into a box if needed and use the sanitiser provided to clean your hands.

Here you will also find a “attendance register”, this is essentially our track & trace for the who do not have a smart phone for the QR code, please take a pen from the plastic holder and sign in with your name, date and signature. Your used pen NEEDS to placed in the box marked “USED PENS”, please do not put it back into the holder. This “register” is designed to ensure we can contact you should we be made aware of anyone becoming unwell after you have visited but may have been visiting at the same time as you. Again this will be kept on file inline with our GDPR policy. For students who have the NHS track and trace app you can use the QR code poster which is situated above the sani station also.

Once you are ready, please go to the bathroom to wash your hands thoroughly before going into the training room. In the bathroom you will find a box that is marked “CLEAN NAIL BRUSHES” please use one of these to “scrub” under your nails. Once you have finished, please place the used nailbrush into the box marked “USED NAIL BRUSHES

Please bring your printed manual or tablet/phone with your manual on for use during the class, manuals or devices cannot be shared between students.

Throughout the day should you need to use the toilet, please use the gloves and disinfectant spray/wipes provided after each use.

Unfortunately at the current time our kitchen facilities will not be available for use ie: kettle, microwave, fridge ….. please ensure you have what you need with you for the day. 

We also ask that throughout the day that students do not mix with each other and follow all social distancing & government guidelines. It is imperative that all guidelines are followed to minimise any risks not only to yourselves but also your fellow students.


Upon leaving the training school:

We ask at the end of your class that you use the disinfectant wipes to clean down your products and tools before placing back into your bag. Please also thoroughly clean your station and remove any rubbish.

When each student is ready your educator will ask you to leave one by one, this again is to ensure all social distancing is followed to minimise any risks. 

If you have placed any personal items into the boxes provided, please use the sanitiser provided at the sani station, remove any items from the box (if used) remove any disposable items and place in the bin provided.

Other Info:

In addition to the above we have added strict new cleaning & disinfection routines, added new dust and vapour extraction units plus air purifying units in the training school. If you would like to see our new cleaning & disinfection policy etc please don’t hesitate to ask and we will happily send this over to you.  

NOTE: All students will need to follow the steps above every time they enter or leave the premises.

We want to reassure you that we are doing everything we can to ensure your health & safety during your visit to our training school during these unprecedented times.

We look forward to seeing you very soon

Hazel and the Team xxx

Hazel Dixon Nail Artist & Academy