Our HD Professional Nail Systems BUILD IT UP! FOUNDATION Class is designed for Gel polish technicians who want to learn the techniques for HD Pro Build It! and Flex It! builder in a bottle ranges, learn more about how the HD Pro gel ranges work. We will cover chemistry, correct prep, tip & form application, HD professional specific product application, zones & apex placement, maintenance, filing & finishing.

This course is perfect for any gel polish tech wanting to add enhancement services to their treatment menu.

You will be be required to complete all homework & build a portfolio of work during this course.

You will need previous training/qualification in Gel polish as minimum to be able to attend this class. Proof may be required upon course application. , please email us at hazeldixonnails@yahoo.co.uk if you require more information.

This class is accredited by ABT


You will gain access to your online theory element of this course 1 month before your 1st practical day, this needs to be completed before day 1 (if you have previously passed our online theory element you will not be required to repeat it)- To gain access all course payments need to be paid in full.

This course is spread out over around 3/4 months to ensure you are confident in all aspects of this course. During this time you will attend your practical days and have access to your educator throughout as well as our Facebook student support group.

You will also have access to our NEW online video resources section via your personal STUDENT PORTAL, this is where you can watch pre-recorded demos on the techniques you've learnt in class as a refresher and you can upload your case studies for your portfolio.



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Norfolk Academy Dates:

DAY 1  10AM-4:00PM - Please email for dates 

DAY 2  10AM-4:00PM - 

Essex Academy Dates:

Theory starts 20th January 2024

DAY 1  10AM-4:00PM - 20th February 2024

DAY 2  10AM-4:00PM - 25th March 2024

Wisbech Academy Dates:

DAY 1  10AM-4:00PM - 25th September 2023

DAY 2  10AM-4:00PM - TBC 2023

Inverness Academy Dates:

DAY 1  9:30AM-3:30PM - 9th October 2023

DAY 2  9:30AM-3:30PM - 21st November 2023


Product knowledge, application techniques, nail preparation, tip/form application, filing & finishing techniques, aftercare, removal for HD Professional systems Flex It! and Build It! gels.

Guide to the hours normally required for this course. 

Min Theory Hours - 15-20hrs

Practical (in house) hours - 12hrs

Practical Total (portfolio) Hours - 12-16hrs

HD PRO BUILD IT UP FOUNDATION COST: £290.00 (kit not included)

Course cost includes training and certificate upon successful completion of the class.

You must successfully complete all elements of this course including any homework, portfolios and practical exams to receive your certificate. 


HD Pro BUILD IT UP FOUNDATION kit - available to purchase at www.hazeldixonnails.com



To secure your place on this course you will need to pay a non- refundable booking fee. The balance of the course is required 28 days prior to your course start date. Before booking any of our courses please read our full terms and conditions.



Please see the drop down menu above for the latest course dates. If the course you want to do doesn't have any dates listed, please contact us and we will arrange a date for you.

 Image courtesy of Catriona Leith - Cambridgeshire

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